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Decades Of Experience

At The Law Offices of Gary Perotin, A Professional Law Corporation, we provide experienced help in all aspects of family law. Located in Placentia, California, we help people throughout Orange County and the surrounding area to resolve their current issues, protect their children and prepare for better times in the future.

Our founding attorney has been practicing law for more than 40 years and has helped hundreds of clients to reach better settlements and forge better relationships with their children. In that time, our firm has developed an excellent reputation among other lawyers and judges in the region.

We have represented some clients for decades, helping them many times over the years whenever they have new legal needs. We have even represented some families through multiple generations as children of previous clients grow up and come to us for help with their own family law issues.

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Trial, Negotiation And Mediation

In the past, divorces were typically resolved only through going to trial. Most divorces today are resolved out of court through a negotiated settlement. Compared to going to trial, this way is usually faster, less expensive and gives people a greater sense of control over their own results.

However, negotiation is not easy. Even in a relatively amicable divorce, the two sides may have serious disagreements over how to divide their marital property and parenting responsibilities. In a divorce where the two spouses are angry or resentful, negotiations can be tense. These ugly emotions can make it harder to reach a good settlement and can linger for years afterward. Sadly, they can sometimes have a negative effect on children.

Mediation can sometimes help break through an impasse in negotiations. In mediation, a neutral third party facilitates the negotiation, helping the parties to find common ground and reach a settlement. California requires mediation for some family law cases involving young children.

At The Law Offices of Gary Perotin, A Professional Law Corporation, we believe in using whatever approach is likely to bring the best results for our clients. Our extensive experience gives us an advantage, because we are prepared to go to trial if that is the best way to represent our clients.

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